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Swedish universities consistently rank among the world’s best, offering a diverse range of programs taught in English, ensuring accessibility for international students. Beyond the classroom, Sweden’s allure extends to its breathtaking landscapes, from cosmopolitan cities to serene natural wonders.
What sets Sweden apart is not just its academic prowess but the holistic lifestyle it provides. Embrace a society that values equality, inclusivity, and a progressive mindset. Navigate a well-balanced life, where work and leisure coexist harmoniously. In Sweden, your study abroad journey goes beyond textbooks; it’s an exploration of new ideas, diverse cultures, and a society that fosters personal and intellectual growth.


WHY Sweden?

Innovative country
Top universities
Largest number of MNCs
Dependant visa available
Most digitally connected economy
World’s largest producer of research articles
No. 1 in Energy Sustainability Index


Over 50 higher education institutions both private and public.




IELTS as per university requirement


12 months of stay back after studies.
Students can work part-time for unlimited hours and can take dependants with them when moving to Sweden.


The tuition fee ranges between 7,000 to 17,000 euros per year.
Students would have to spend around 700 to 1000 Euro per month for living expenses.


Uppsala University
Stockholm University
Lund University
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
University of Gothenburg
Chalmers University of Technology
Linköping University
Karolinska Institute
Umeå University
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Jönköping University
Luleå University of Technology


October to January – Autumn intake
June to August – Spring intake


Swedish Institute Scholarships
Erasmus Mundus Project Scholarships
Bilateral Scholarship Programme of Sweden
Swedish University Scholarships

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Master's programs in Sweden usually last for two years, consisting of four semesters. However, some programs may have variations in duration. To know more about your preferred course details, you can reach out to us. As a top agency for abroad study in India, we can tell you everything you need to know about Sweden.

Sweden is known for its high-quality education system. Its universities consistently rank well globally, offering innovative and research-oriented programs. If you plan to study in Sweden, it will be one of the best decisions you would be making for yourself.

As the best agency to study abroad in Kerala, we suggest that you engage in cultural activities, join student organizations, and try to learn some basic Swedish. Embracing local traditions and making friends with both locals and fellow international students can enhance your cultural experience.

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