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Russia, the largest country in the world, spans two continents and boasts diverse landscapes, from the vast Siberian wilderness to historic cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Its geographical enormity offers international students a unique opportunity to explore various climates and cultures. Beyond its geographical appeal, Russia is an excellent choice for studying abroad due to its renowned educational institutions. The country is home to several world-class universities with strong academic programs, especially in fields like science, engineering, and the arts. Russian universities often provide affordable education and a wide range of courses taught in English, making it accessible for international students. Additionally, Russia’s rich history, vibrant cultural scene, and welcoming atmosphere contribute to a fulfilling and immersive study experience for those seeking a truly global education.


Ranked among the top education systems in the world
Prestigious universities
World-class facilities
Student-friendly cities
High literacy rate
Increased job opportunities


Primary, basic, and secondary general education followed by professional education offered by state-funded and private universities.


Intermediate Diploma
Bakalavr Diploma (Bachelor’s degree)
Specialist Diploma
Magistr Diploma (Master’s degree)
Aspirantura (PhD)


Certain universities may require IELTS or TOEFL certificates


Students are allowed to stay back up to 90 days in the country after graduation and can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week when they’re studying.


The cost of living per month for international students in Russia falls around 400 dollars per month.
Tuition fees range from program to program and start at around 300 dollars.


Moscow State University
Saint Petersburg State University
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Novosibirsk State University
Tomsk State University
HSE University
Ural Federal University
Moscow Medical Academy
Southern Federal University




Erasmus Mundus Scholarships
Open Door Scholarships
Russian Government Scholarships:
Merit-based scholarships
Need-based scholarships
Student-specific scholarships
Career-specific scholarships
College-specific scholarships
Athletic Scholarships
Creative contest scholarships

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Many universities offer programs in English. However, learning basic Russian can enhance your daily life and interactions.

The process typically involves submitting academic transcripts, language proficiency test scores, and possibly attending an entrance exam or interview, depending on the program. Being one of the top 10 overseas education consultants in India, we can help you make you get admitted to Russian universities easily!

Many international students choose to work or pursue further studies in Russia after graduation. The availability of opportunities depends on the field of study and individual circumstances. To know more, you can get in touch with a study abroad agency in India.

Yes, various scholarships are available, both from the Russian government and individual universities. To check the specific requirements and deadlines for each scholarship, you can contact us. Being one of the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, we can easily guide you.

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